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Wood Carving
My carvings blend ancient history and lore. Architectural elements taken from the Celts, Scott's, and Norwegian cultures are mixed with atmospheric childhood stories as they had a strong influence on my already strong imagination.

A later trip to the four corners of Scotland cemented these passions in place. And it wasn't just the exploration of castle ruins, it was the time spent with distant family, inviting us into their homes and telling their stories.

So, I returned home, was fortunate enough to discover wood carving, and now I include these atmospheric elements which created such strong emotion and make them available to others.


Large sculptures begin with an axe or electric chainsaw to rough in the basic form. From there it is mostly hand tools like gouges, knives, axes and rasps for the remainder of project.

Iain Bruce
7755 Sunset Drive
Lake Cowichan, BC v0r2g0

Phone: 250 932 1032
email: iart@shaw.ca