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Iain will start each carving with an axe or electric chainsaw to rough in the basic form, but more importantly to remove the dangerous outer layers which often contain dirt, stones or even metal. Once it's safe to get creative he then moves to hand tools like gouges, axes and files for the remainder of project.

Fallen Woodland Sprite
Species: Cypress (Yellow Cedar)
Year: 2014
Price: SOLD

Pear Tree Stump Fairy Home
Species: Pear Tree
Year: 2014
Price: SOLD

This Pear tree succumbed to disease but this Scotsman was not about to just chop it down and bury it. It seemed like a good housing option for fairies or sprites. The stump and it's roots are hollowed out, then wired for lights at each window. The roof lifts off to access the light switch. The cedar door was built plank by plank complete with brass hinges and embossed glass. It's better built than most of today's homes.

Fascia Carving
Species: Western Red Cedar
Year: 2014
Price: SOLD

Inspired by Norwegian Medieval Culture.


Iain Bruce
7755 Sunset Drive
Lake Cowichan, BC v0r2g0

Phone: 250 932 1032
email: iart@shaw.ca