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Are you looking for help designing a characterful patio, deck, or garden shed? How about a winding stone garden path, timber frame gazebo, or pergola? I very much enjoy designing these types of spaces, and my years of experience can help you make more informed descisions regarding often overlooked factors. For example, the lifespan and maintenance requirements of material choices, or plumbing and electrical options to make the space more enjoyable.

Although I have completed many high spec renovations throughout the Gulf Islands, my passion is creating comfortable, soulful spaces. Have a look at the pictures below to see what I mean. Renovations are done under the name "Handsome Dan Construction".

Beach House Theme
Yes, simple white planks. Variety is created using vinegar stain before paint was applied. Polished beach stones fill knot holes. The loft flooring is Yellow Cedar (Cypress) and Alder is on the ground floor. More vinegar stain was used to darken the Alder flooring. It is an envorimentally friendly product that can be made at home.

The bathroom finishes may appear to be an accident waiting to happen. Splinters from worn boards and tetanus shots for all. But this is an illusion as the reclaimed wood is sanded smooth, and the metal is buffed and lacquered. Better yet, the money saved by not installing tile can be spent on more important things, in this case a deep soaker tub and roman faucets.

Lighting is supplied by aged industrial exterior fixtures. Distressed steel pipe and fittings acts as towel racks, curtain rods and grab bars throughout the home.

Preschool heating is supplied by hydronic radiant walls. A heated floor was ruled out because the doorways and windows were not framed with a heated floor in mind, and past experience also ruled out heating from the underside of the subfloor.

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