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Pricing varies greatly for each project but start at $100 per square foot. All of Iain's wood carvings are created using hand tools such as gouges, axes, and block planes. The factors that affect a woodcarving's price include it's level of detail, size and weight.


Given free reign Iain will usually work with reclaimed material rather than new. Want to know why? Read on.

"Yes, it takes time and effort to source some forgotten old timber or rusty steel gadget, decide how it can be implemented, and then haggle, transport, clean, and skillfully include what is now treasure. BUT, knowing that the soulless corporation down the road could only HOPE to have such vision makes it all the more valuable. Let them have their latest plastic gimmick. You could not pay me to take them.

Having said that, there are many skilled and passionate craftsman using many different methods to create beautiful pieces. My life experience and personal beliefs have led me to this point, but they are just that, my personal beliefs."

Iain Bruce


With regards to commissioning Iain for projects out of town/country. After we have decided that we are a good fit and wish to move forward, a non-refundable 50% deposit must be received along with an email stating that, "you have reviewed previous work on this site and so know roughly what to expect". But you also understand that because Iain is an growing artist, his work will evolve. This simple agreement works well enough to protect both parties.

Questions are welcome!

Iain Bruce
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Phone: 250 932 1032
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