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Welcome to the web site of Iain Bruce. Iain can be commissioned to design, build, install old world architectural features for your next renovation. Specializing in Nordic/Celtic inspired wood carving, cast concrete features, and all sorts of architectural oddities in between.

"Employ a craftsman for your next project, then you too can complain about the poor quality of the items in your Costco shopping cart."



Given free reign Iain will usually work with reclaimed material before new products. Want to hear his thoughts? Read on.

"Yes, it takes time and effort to source some forgotten old piece of crap timber or rusty steel gadget, decide how it can be implemented, and then haggle, transport, clean, and skillfully include what is now the focal point. BUT, knowing that the jackass across the street could only HOPE to find that same center piece makes it all the more valuable. Let him have his new plastic or particle board. You could not pay me to take them. Having said that, I will not come to your home and yell at you because you have melamine cabinets... they are in my home too.

If you cannot see through the tears because you find these comments foolish, then fear not, you are welcome for the free laugh, now get out of the way and let the people who want to see more have a turn.

There are many skilled and passionate craftsman using many different methods to create beautiful pieces. My life experience and personal beliefs have led me to this point, but they are just that, my personal beliefs."

Iain Bruce

With regards to commissioning Iain for art pieces. Before work begins, a non-refundable 50% deposit and a signed contract must be received. The contract will state that you know roughly what to expect based on disclaimer above and examples photos found on this site. But also know that because Iain is an artist, his work will evolve.

Iain Bruce
7755 Sunset Drive
Lake Cowichan, BC v0r2g0

Phone: 250 932 1032
email: iart@shaw.ca